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WBYS Referee Pay Scale & Payments

The following pay scale is in effect:

Level of Play Center Ref Assistant Ref
Boys, Girls U-9 and U-10 $35 $25
Boys, Girls U-11 to U-15 $45 $35
Boys, Girls U-16 to U-19 $60 $45






For State Cup and Connecticut Cup games, add $5 to each fee.

Please note: There is no longer a distinction between levels of games (i.e. A, B, C). This will make reporting easier, as referees only have to choose the age level.


Payment Policy

WBYS pays officials by check after the official submits the game payment form. To facilitate faster receipt of game payments:

  • Please be sure the information on your form is complete and correct.
  • Please submit your forms by the Sunday night of each weekend you officiate.

Please note:

  • Payments are processed by Tuesday of each week.
  • Checks are generally received  between Friday and Monday for payment requests submitted each Sunday.
  • If you officiate multiple games (3) on a weekend at the same pay rate, your checks will arrive in two mailings, usually 1-2 days apart (this is a bank error-check procedure).

Perceived Payment Issues

If you submit a game payment form, you will get paid. If your submission is prompt, payment will be prompt.

  • Check your envelopes carefully for multiple checks, or checks for sibling, kids, or parents as checks to the same address are often combined in one mailing.
  • Each check includes a game reference note. Please accurately track your payments received with your schedule.
  • If there seems to be an issue with any game, please contact the at the conclusion of the season.










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