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What's in Your Referee Bag?

As an official, you should arrive at the field, in full uniform (with current year’s patch), ready to take charge. Regardless of the position you will have on the field, you should arrive, bag in hand, 20 to 30 minutes prior to kick off.

At the very least, your bag should contain:

  • Two whistles (FoxPro or Dolphin)
  • Two watches (especially if you are alone)
  • Penalty cards
  • Linesman flags
  • Referee wallet (with WBYS game sheets)
  • One flipping coin
  • Two or more pens/pencils
  • Alternate colored jersey (in case of conflict with one team) - See Uniforms page
  • Appropriate black hat (depending on season and weather)
  • Black gloves (seasonal)Sun block, insect repellent (seasonal)
  • Water and/or fruit
  • Towel
  • Rule book

For a more detailed review of preparations and duties, read Information for New Referees, a booklet published by the USSF.

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