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Game Day

Everyone is excited when game day arrives. And you should be, too.

Check your Schedule

The first thing you should do is double check and print your assignments in US Officials. Changes to the schedule can occur as late as Thursday. Be sure you log in on Friday to be certain you know where you are going.

If there is a last-minute game adjustment (Friday), the assignor or a back-up will phone or text that change to you. You mail also receive an email from the assignor triggered through US Officials.

Be Ready Before the Weekend

Do not wait to the last minute to make sure your uniform, your bag, and all your equipment are ready to go. You don't want to be late getting to the field, as there are many things to do.

Double check all your equipment and supplies the night before. Confirm through your assigning tool and/or your email the date, time, and location of your game or games.

Key Game Day Links