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US Soccer Heat/Cold/Lightening/Etc.Guidelines



WBYS recreational and competitive travel programs are coached by volunteers and enhanced by special skills training provided by professional coaches. As safety is first and foremost a WBYS concern, WBYS strictly adheres to the parent/adult volunteer requirements mandated by the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA).

All WBYS coaches are responsible to adhere to all WBYS, NW District, and CJSA rules and regulations.

Youth Soccer Coaching Licenses

Coaching Manuals and Guides

Coaching Education

Concussion Training

Head Up to Youth Sports

As of 2016 all Coaches are required to complete the CDC's Heads Up to Youth Sports Concussion Training. It is super easy and only takes a half hour of your time.  Once completed please send a PDF to secretary@wbysclub.com


CJSA Background Checks

Go to the link below and click the big red box that says "Background Checks"