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Severe Weather Policy

There is always a desire on the part of coaches, players, and parents to complete a game when the weather turns bad. However, that is not always possible. Sometimes bad weather will not allow a contest to start or to finish.

Remember. Be safe.

Thunderstorms are especially tricky, especially late in the season when getting the game in is more urgent. The center referee and the coaches should confer if anyone hears thunder or sees lightning, and no one should ever be put at risk.  

If you hear thunder or see lightning, everyone should take cover in cars or buildings (not in the Hollow Park pavilion, the Three Rivers Park pony barn, or some similar structure at an away game).  Please try to help players or referees who may have been dropped off at the field and have nowhere to take cover. 

Games should not restart until 30 minutes after hearing the last rumble of thunder.  Click here to see the USSF Severe Weather Policy.